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The 10 Best UX/UI Blogs to Inspire You in 2024

Being a UX/UI designer means constantly tapping into your creativity to provide users with a pleasant experience with your company’s product or service. It can be nice to spark your creative process by studying others in your field, and blogs are a fantastic way to find current ideas.

By studying blogs, UX/UI professionals can learn more about their field and use that knowledge to improve their products.

Check out these ten UX/UI blogs to inspire you in 2024. 

The 10 Best UX/UI Blogs in 2024

The UX design world is a fast-paced, ever-changing field that requires designers to keep up to date on the latest trends. Luckily, the internet is full of resources, like blogs, which are meant to inspire you and keep your designs relevant. Even better, these resources are often completely free. 

As a UX/UI designer, you must learn to seek out these resources and use them to better your work. No matter where you are in your UX/UI career, there are resources available to help you refresh your knowledge and inspire your work. If you’re looking for a place to start, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best UX/UI blogs below:

#1 UX Magazine

This online periodical publication consistently delivers blogs on all the hot topics in UX design. From AI and bot design to training opportunities, UX magazine is a good place to find information that will keep you current. 

UX Magazine has a community of over 740,000 people who you can share information and ideas with. This not-for-profit organization does not require membership fees, but you do have to sign up to become a member. 

This forum has been around for more than 2 decades dedicating itself to exploring, promoting, and discussing UX design. People with experience in the UX field write posts on this blog. This firsthand advice helps you to get the benefits of other people’s experiences. You can read about design theory, sketching, e-commerce, gestures, user adoption, social media, wireframes, and much more.

Whether you are a newbie in the field of UX/UI design or a seasoned veteran, this blog has information that will help you improve your craft. 

#2 UX Planet

In the busy life of UX/UI design, you may not always have the time to scour through loads and loads of articles. UX Planet has daily, quick reads that help you brush up on the latest UX trends in the industry. 

This blog has a large number of skilled contributors who cover a wide variety of topics from user experience to user research to careers. They also have resources for beginners in the industry. When you first start as a UX/UI designer, it is important to learn all you can to better yourself. You may need help with tasks your coworkers may not even consider. 

UX Planet has advice for coping with feeling overwhelmed, tips for structuring your UX design portfolio, and other guidance beneficial for junior designers. 

But, seasoned UX/UI designers have a lot they can learn from this blog, too. They even offer opportunities for veteran designers and others in the UX industry to submit articles to their blogs. 

Those looking for ways to advance their career may see this as an opportunity to share their expertise with the newer generation of UX/UI professionals.

#3 The Nielsen Norman Group

Founded by Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, famed savants in the UX field, The Nielsen Norman Group (NNg) website is a comprehensive source for UX topics. They study real users around the world interacting with websites and apps. Then, they take that research and use it to improve their designs.

The NNg has a free library of over 1,500 articles that include guidelines, UX methodology, and research findings. They also provide research reports and books with in-depth findings you can study. Research is one of the foundations of good UX work.

NNg also provides designers with training seminars and an exam based UX certification program. They also have online seminars for people who need to brush up on the latest topics, but can’t attend these seminars in person.

The writers use their expertise in the field to inspire others and to help the UX field grow and improve.

#4 Design at Meta

Formerly Facebook Design, Design at Meta is a blog that provides articles about careers, case studies, brand design, product design, UX research, and more. They give you a peek at how Facebook’s design team works. They share their creative process and applications to shed light on their design principles.

They also discuss image libraries, VR tools, templates, and sound libraries. Meta also promotes building teams that work successfully together for the company’s end goal. They allow you to explore their design teams and learn about how these teams interact. Through their example, you can get an idea of how a functioning design team should operate. 

This blog is an opportunity to get a sneak peek into how a highly successful company has utilized UX/UI design to its advantage. You can take what they know and apply similar concepts to your company’s website or service. And this also gives you a chance to improve on some of Facebook’s shortcomings.

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Studying other companies can inspire your own creative designs.

#5 UX Matters

Pabini-Gabriel Petit established UXmatters in 2005. Since its inception, the goal of this blog has been to inspire and educate UX/UI designers. Now, the blog has over 35.5K subscribers. The writing team consists of many experts in the field who share best practices, innovative ideas, and practical advice that you can use at any stage of your career. 

The content on this blog is relevant to both stakeholders and UX professionals. UXmatters strives to publish a web magazine that regularly delivers research-based, high-quality content that people can use to better the UX field. 

The blog is easy to navigate and provides color-coded boxes that let you know what topics each article covers. They also have product and training reviews. This comprehensive blog is a great resource for you to add to your toolbelt. 

#6 UX Myths

If you want to push the boundaries of what you can and cannot do with your UX design, UX Myths delves into the myths of the UX industry. The blog has 34 entries outlining the most frequent misconceptions about user experience. 

Each article provides an overview of a common myth and gives examples of ways this myth is untrue. The blog also provides loads of quotes to support their claims. They even have a disclaimer at the end of the blog suggesting that reading the blog without backing doing additional research is also problematic. 

This blog is a solid way to explore design principles and think about how you can break basic rules to push the limits of what you can achieve with design.

#7 Dribbble

Dribbble is a collection of free resources that help UX/UI professionals build their design careers. They provide advice for building a portfolio, resume, and successful career. They also give companies strategies and resources for hiring design talents. 

This is a great resource for UX/UI designers who are just starting. It has an easy-to-navigate page that covers a wide range of topics. 

Dribbble is a blog you can use to figure out the ups and downs of your UX/UI career. 

#8 Abduzeedo

Fabio Sasso created this design blog in 2006, today it is a digital publication with a team of writers from all over the world. Abduzeedo, shortened to ABDZ, has UX topics, typography, illustration, graphic design, editorial design, branding, and 3D. Individuals who have worked and studied for years in the UX industry contribute to this blog. Their expertise is relevant to readers and provides the blog with credibility. 

Besides articles, there are tutorials, inspiration galleries, and interviews with experts you can check out on ABDZ. The writing style is engaging and easy to understand. They are perfect for professionals looking to learn more about design.

#9 Design Milk

Not all inspiration has to come directly from a UX-specific blog. Sometimes art and style can inspire UX designers to use those principles for their concepts.

Design Milk has been delivering content that covers architecture, interior design, automotive, fashion, technology, and art. They provide access to ideas that promote modern living, sustainability, and ethical production. Although the content isn’t exactly UX, it provides readers with an idea of modern design needs. 

The Design Milk company wants to inspire current ideas and challenge the status quo. They promote building inclusive communities. Their blog is a platform for sharing and supporting designers throughout the world. They strive to highlight projects, products, and brands led by underrepresented groups. They also promote smaller businesses.

The blog page is easy to navigate and gives you a great insight into the latest design trends. 

#10 Smashing Magazine

Founded in Germany in 2006, Smashing Magazine provides practical articles for web designers and developers. They prioritize tried and true strategies and quality content. This small team of people provides articles, digital books, conferences, job openings, and memberships to help designers build their careers. 

Smashing Magazine’s has 3,000,000 monthly pageviews for their carefully curated, edited, and prepared content. 

Their blog has information about UX, web design, business, data visualization, e-commerce, HTML, and so much more. The writers make the content engaging and fun with practical advice you can take back to your desk and apply immediately.

This is a great blog to inspire you to grow as a UX/UI professional.

Why Is Keeping Informed Important to Career Growth?

Even the most seasoned UX/UI professionals need to keep up with what’s new. Modern design principles, new techniques, recent technologies, and new research make the UX industry one of the fastest growing and most diverse professions in the modern world. 

Not only is creativity important, but it takes a lot of skills to provide users with a satisfactory experience when using your website or application. The best professionals in the UX/UI field will be willing to look for opportunities to gain experience themselves because their growth leads to the growth of the company and the further satisfaction of the user.

Research is also a crux in the UX/UI industry, and creative research is no different. It is important to exchange ideas with others and to incorporate different perspectives into your designs to better serve the user. 

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Learning more about the UX industry will help you grow as a designer.


No matter your experience level, every UX/UI designer needs inspiration every once in a while. These 10 best UI/UI blogs in 2024 will allow you to brush up on the latest trends, study design principles, and find opportunities for conferences and seminars. 

With so many great online resources out there, you can truly broaden your horizons in a matter of minutes.

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