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The 10 Biggest Workplace Trends in 2023

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to begin to assess various workplace trends that are in existence. The reason for this is that, since the pandemic in 2020, the workforce environment has changed exponentially.

While much of the workforce has returned to what is seen as “normal” it is important to realize that many factors will never be the same. Because of this, companies have been forced to make changes to continue to attract the best talent.

Wondering what the biggest workplace trends are for 2023? Keep reading to find out.

What is the Meaning of Workplace Trends?

Workplace trends refer to the way businesses are operated and what both employers and employees expect. These expectations tend to change over time depending on what is going on in the world and the workplace landscape.

One thing that most people know is that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the workforce environment operates as a whole. From remote work to the desire for a more work-life balance, many employees are looking for opportunities to have more flexibility.

How do Workplace Trends Dictate How Businesses are Operated?

When it comes to workplace trends, they have a huge impact on the overall operations of a business as a whole. This is because as people are looking for new work opportunities, they are looking for businesses that will offer these options as part of their employment benefits.

Because of this, individuals will tend to flock towards those companies that offer a wide range of benefits including more flexibility in the way they work. This could mean fewer hours, more personal time, and even the option to work from home.

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Following current workplace trends can help to keep your business competitive. 

Benefits of Following Workplace Trends

When companies follow workplace trends, they often benefit in a wide variety of ways both with current and future employees. In most cases, how an employer operates their business has a direct impact on the company’s reputation.

Wondering how companies can benefit from following certain workplace trends? Read on to learn more.

Attract Better Talent

Employers who not only keep up with but implement various workplace trends have the luxury of attracting better talent. This is because candidates looking for a new place to work are looking for companies that offer more incentives.

In today’s workplace landscape, there is a high demand for more than just a competitive salary and the usual benefits. Many employees are searching for not just a great company but the best opportunity to suit them and their needs.

Keeps the Business Competitive

Companies that follow workplace trends are often ahead of the hiring game by offering candidates the opportunities they are looking for. Instead of making a job offer look like any other offer, employers today know that finding ways to individualize is the key.

Because of this, knowing the trends that currently exist in the industry allows employers to stay competitive with other companies. For example, if the industry trends show that a better work-life balance is desired, companies can find ways to create those opportunities and offer them to candidates.

Support Employees Who Struggle

One of the most common trends that exist, especially in light of the recent pandemic is the need to take care of those employees who struggle. This can be anything from those who struggle with the job itself to those who are having mental health challenges.

When an employer pays attention to workplace trends, they should see that there is an emphasis on working for a company that will make mental health a priority. This could mean a wide variety of things such as support or other benefits that would help employees know that they are important.

Retain More Employees

Another way that following workplace trends benefits the company would be by assisting employers with employee retention. In most cases, whether or not an employee decides to stay with a company is directly related to how they are treated and the benefits they have.

Because employees are often looking for the best opportunities, they will continue to seek them until they are found. However, companies who stay current with the trends in the workplace, have the advantage of providing employees with exactly what they want.

10 Biggest Workplace Trends in 2023

Since the pandemic, there has been an ever-present need to ensure that employers are staying current with the latest trends in the workplace. This is because candidates who are looking for new opportunities have these latest trends at the forefront of their minds.

Because of this, they will look for employers who are offering what they are looking for, which means that they will hire with those companies. Other employers who are not staying current will be left with candidates who may not be as qualified.

If you want to know what the biggest workplace trends are for 2023, keep reading.

1. Flexibility in the Workplace

The ever-increasing trend of employees desiring more flexibility in the workplace will continue to rise in 2023. This is because many individuals have gotten a taste of what it is like to have more work-life balance.

More and more employees are leaving the in-person workplace environment to pursue more opportunities to work from home. Others are looking not to leave their in-person environment, but to have more flexibility in their schedule.

Whatever the desire, it has increased exponentially over the years since the pandemic showed people the other side of things. To stay competitive with other companies in the same industry, employers will need to think outside the box on ways to create this flexibility for their employees.

2. Quiet Hiring to Counteract the Quiet Quitters

It has been said that the end of 2022 brought out workers who were deemed as “quiet quitters” in the workplace. This is a term that refers to those who do not quit their jobs but pull back on their productivity.

In most cases, quiet quitters are not going above and beyond to improve or leverage their skills the way they once did in the workplace. The result is workers who are technically in compliance with their job description, but lack the desire to go further.

In 2023, the trend of “quiet hiring” will begin to emerge by employers who begin to find ways to combat the skills that are lost. This often means that they will train other employees who want to do the work and leverage their skills against those who are not up to the task.

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Work from home or hybrid positions are a trend in 2023. 

3. Make Mental Well-Being Important

If the pandemic taught employers anything, it is important to ensure that employees’ mental well-being is taken seriously. This has meant employers being active participants in ensuring that employees have what they need to move forward.

In 2023, this need will be no different with many of the workforce still either working from home or wanting more flexibility. The push will need to be to address mental health well-being by adding benefits that will support them.

These benefits could mean additional PTO days, counselors that are available for employees who need them, and a change to the way business is run. Overall, when you have a staff that is in good shape mentally, they will often be more productive down the road.

4. The Push to Provide Managers with More Training to Support Employees

Somewhere down the line managers who were quickly put in these positions as a way to have a warm body in place, have caused some workplaces to suffer. Managers who lack the specific skills to lead, and much fewer coach employees have led to employees’ lack of motivation.

The push in 2023 will be to take these managers and teach them the skills that they need to be great leaders. This could mean more opportunities for professional development, mentor programs, and even hands-on training.

5. Hiring Non-Traditional Industry Employees

With so many employees leaving the workforce to pursue other careers or paths, there is a larger need for industries to look beyond education and experience when hiring. This means that instead of looking for months for the candidate who checks every box on the checklist, you may want to look outside of that.

Many workers are looking to break into new industries every day and cannot do so because there is the expectation that they have many years of experience or education in the field.

However, in 2023, the workplace will begin to see a trend of employers looking for overall skills and personalities rather than experience in the specific industry. Employers, or at least those who wish to stay competitive, will need to do the same.

6. Bigger Push for More DEI Efforts in the Workplace

One concept that has been around for many years has been the idea of DEI, or diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. In 2023, this concept will be just as important with a bigger push for it to be at the forefront of employers’ minds.

Whether the concern in the workplace is gender equality or ensuring that all races, those with varying sexual orientations, and others are treated fairly. This applies not only to fair wages but the job opportunity that exists for everyone that has the qualifications to do the job.

Since it is a highly debated topic, there will always be those in the workplace that think DEI is biased toward minorities as well as those who believe companies should be doing more. The trend will insist that employers have positions that are dedicated to ensuring that their company is doing everything it can to push DEI.

7. Need to Increase Soft and Social Skills in Gen Z Workers

Many of the workforce that is just hitting the scene are known as the Gen Z group. This group of young workers is entering the workforce with few or no ideas about how to interact with other individuals.

Much of the reason for this is the onset and increase in technology that have made interacting with other human beings almost obsolete. As they begin to enter the workforce, they struggle with being able to work with others well.

For 2023, the push will be to get Gen Z workers up to speed with not only how to communicate in the workplace, but helping them gain the skills needed to be future leaders. This includes professional development and other training opportunities that allow them to interact with others.

8. More Concerns with AI Automation in the Workplace

Along with the advancement in various technologies, there has been an onslaught of AI automation making its way into the workplace. With this, there comes the concern about how employees are kept safe from breaches of privacy.

The trend for 2023, will not only be to incorporate this type of automation in the workplace but to create various regulations around it to get out in front of the possible problems that may come.

9. Priorities Around Employee Privacy

Along with the concerns with AI automation is the concern of overall employee privacy that comes with some of the new automated ways employers are using to get to know their employees better.

From wearables to AI assistants that are used to collect certain data about employees, comes the concern of how employers will protect their privacy from being leaked. The trend with this includes management and business owners showing more transparency about when and where this technology is being used and how the information will be shared.

10. More Workers Returning to In-Person Work

Another trend that employers may want to be aware of is the influx of more and more individuals returning to the workplace. While the reasons for their return may vary, many are doing so for the social interactions of being around people.

Since the pandemic, it has been more and more clear that, for some people, working from home may not be all it seems to be. This is especially true for those extroverts who thrive on interactions with others.

Ready to Embrace the Biggest Workplace Trends in 2023?

Now that you are aware of some of the biggest trends to hit the workplace in 2023, you will need to be ready to embrace them. If you are curious about learning about some of the best advice to start the new year off right, you may need to hear the words of those who are experts in the field.

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