Pandemic Update


Our hearts go out to all the people and companies affected by COVID-19.

We are very fortunate that most of our contractors have the software required to continue their assignments from home uninterrupted.

Even before this virus, a substantial portion of our business represented remote contractors. We are very experienced and have all the tools in place for managing off-site freelance and long term contracts. And now we are extensively using these same tools to manage ourselves remotely.

If there is anything we can do to help, please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely, The entire icreatives family.


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Not just a rare ability,
a competitive advantage.

The world's largest companies and agencies trust i creative staffing with their brand. Our mission is to improve the art of communication through design and marketing. We achieve this with every placement by representing only true professionals. It is our evaluation, testing processes and years of experience that has earned the trust of so many large corporations with protecting and improving the perception of their brands..

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can't be overstated. How something looks, how it works, how it's written makes a real difference in how it communicates. In what it says about you. What it does for your brand. The more talented the creative help, the more you benefit.

We never stop searching

There is a huge ocean of talent out there, unfortunately, few are good. It’s not easy to find the true creatives in a sea of mundane. Our only job is to constantly be searching for only the best in creative.

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Different clients require different people. For the same job.
Our reputation is built on getting it right the first time. That's why we test candidates' knowledge of software. Review their portfolios. Check their references. And require three years of experience. But we go deeper than that. We want to make sure a candidate is a good fit, not just in terms of skills, but of their personality and how well they'll match you and your company culture. Doing that time after time is more than a science, it's an art.

why choose us

We are a staffing agency that represents a wide array of creative related talent including: Graphic Designers (web and print), copywriters, art directors, creative directors, producers, project managers, traffic and studio managers, media buyers, video editors, web programmers... and more. Full-time, temporary and contract.

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    portfolio reviews

    We meet all our creatives and conduct in-depth portfolio & employment history reviews to understand talent strengths and weaknesses…

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    tested and guaranteed

    We test the proficiency of our talent with the tools of their trade. Because of all our talent are vetted, we backup each placement with a money back guarantee.

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    24/7 support

    OK, so you may need to leave a message if you are calling at 2:00 am. Otherwise, there will always be someone to pick up the phone or call you back within minutes to make sure you are covered.

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