September 2016

Scaavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

There is something special about the well polished competitive spirit, especially when it strengthens the creative team and stimulates the mind. Here is an idea to enliven your office and even get your freelancers involved for some fun. Remember everyone loves prizes, from gift cards to privileges, to time...

Brand Love

Intimate Brands Explained

We all have emotional connections to brands, whether we care to admit it or not. If you always buy a certain brand of toothpaste, religiously order a call brand at a bar or ritualistically check the same app every day to get your sports scores, then you have an...

Hamburger Icon

The Hamburger Icon: Food for Thought

Evolution is constant change and improvement, every UI Designer's goal. Taking in feedback and converting it to results that improve the user experience. Perpetual testing, analysis and adjusting based on the results. The popular hamburger icon, a mainstream navigational tool in the past two years is an important topic...

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