Account Coordinator (AC)

The AC role is an entry-level position and your initiation to the world of account services and client-facing marketing solutions.

Your main responsibility is to provide support and maintenance to the account team while completing tasks such as updating project status, generating sales leads, developing comprehensive understanding on the clients’ industries and solutions, and performing general day-to-day administrative needs. Multi-tasking isn’t an option; it’s a requirement for success.

Your personable, proactive, and detail-oriented nature puts you in good standing with your direct supervisor, the Account Executive, but you are also likely to offer support to the analytics, design, and communications teams, as well as media planners and client services managers.

Your background will typically revolve around Marketing, Advertising, Business Administration or Public Relations; and your field of work will land you on full-service creative agencies and corporate marketing departments with focus on advertising, social marketing or direct mail marketing.

Some agencies will call their Account Coordinator (AC) position, Assistant Account Executive (AAE). Other agencies list the AAE above the AC position, where the AAE has one to two years’ experience over the AC. Although their tasks are similar, the AAE is held more accountable and given more responsibilities such as attending meetings, performing demonstrations, having client interaction, and providing customer service support.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; PowerPoint; other office related software.

Salary: $

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