Community Moderator

While the Community Manager acts as the planner, setting up community guidelines, developing outreach programs, and representing the community’s voice within the company; the Community Moderator oversees the day-to-day tasks like welcoming new members, mediating disputes, nurturing a positive and engaging atmosphere, and ensuring guidelines are being followed.

Having said that, you are the most important link of any online community, forum, discussion, or public discussion related to the brands you manage; and you hold the power to make or break their engagement levels and overall success.

Establishing your communities as reliable sources of information and transparent discussions will keep them engaging and on-trend, increasing their level of credibility, and growing their reach. You achieve this by maintaining discussions focused on business objectives, spam-free, and non-controversial; as well as monitoring its content, encouraging positive interactions, ensuring that brand guidelines are being followed, and fostering the spirit of cooperation.

Some of your core responsibilities include increasing engagement and memberships; welcoming new members; responding to questions, concerns, and feedback; encouraging interactions by commenting on posts; acting as a role model for community standards; sharing relevant information; ensuring compliance with the guidelines; dealing with trolls; among other.

Through your insights, the brand will be able to understand the perception that members have, and its overall reputation. This will provide user-centered views that will help the company to shape up its marketing efforts accordingly.

You may also perform some more general customer service tasks, like responding to consumer questions and resolving payment issues.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; Power Point; other office related software.

Salary: $$1/2

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