Community Manager

Thanks to the rapid evolution of social media, today, one-to-one interactions between customers and brands are not only immediate, but also expected.

You are the face and voice of a company, its ambassador, and the bridge between the brand and the group of loyal consumers connected to it by similar interests and sentiments. You lead the company to greater brand loyalty and long-term customer success, by managing all its communications, social media, PR, content creation, and special events. 

Relationship building is at the core of your duties, and you are all about digital networking. This allows your company to become more meaningful and relatable among customers, beyond its product offerings. 

Some of your primary responsibilities include planning and implementing social media campaigns and communication strategies; listening to what members are saying and shaping future communications accordingly; building relationships with customers, influencers, and others; staying up-to-date with digital technology trends; organizing events to increase brand awareness; and responding to customers in an engaging and timely manner

Overall, Community Management is heavily grounded on human emotions, so it’s vital for you to have outstanding people skills. You have the power to turn negative customer experiences into positive ones, with just a timely reply and a considerate and helpful manner. This will make your customers feel valued, and in return, they will place their trust in your brand. 

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; Power Point; other office related software. 

Salary: $$ 1/2

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