Direct Marketing Manager

It may be impossible to track the effectiveness of a print ad or commercial, but a well-planned direct marketing campaign tells another story.

Using traditional mail, e-mail, social media, online, and telemarketing campaigns can get you straight to your ideal customers and help convert them effectively, as you capture important data about them and track campaign results fairly quickly.

You’ll be responsible for the design and development of all promotional campaigns, social media platforms’ day-to-day activities, email marketing, channel marketing, and online investor relations; including the tracking of all campaign metrics, ROI analysis, leads generation, and making the necessary changes on a campaign’s direction for better results.

Your passion about finding innovative ways to promote the company’s brand and products (or services) will allow you to reach your target audiences through fun and memorable experiences.

An MBA might be required for some companies, or it just might get you the promotion you’re looking for at others.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, other office related software. Working experience: Salesforce or other CRM software is a plus, as well as tracking programs such as Eloqua and Siebel

Salary: $$$$

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