Product Manager

Your passion? Innovation. Your role? Vital. Your responsibilities? Pretty much everything. Your legacy? Devising winning products that customers love.

As the heart and brains behind new product development opportunities, you are a central hub for everything related to its planning, development, execution, positioning, and performance; always ensuring that all efforts support the company’s strategy, identity and goals.

You will manage all aspects of a new product throughout its entire lifecycle, from conception to design, prototyping, testing, projections, licensing, marketability, pricing, customers, production, promotion, competition, support, and everything else in between.

You will work directly with many cross-functional teams to design, construct and bring your product to life in optimal time to-market, as well as to establish the best product launches and promotional strategies to convey the right messages and build awareness within its target market. Some of the departments you’ll have the most interaction with are engineering, design, marketing, sales, and public relations.

Your background may be in Computer Science or Engineering, but the key to succeed as Project Manager, is having strong problem solving skills, ruthless prioritization, and most of all, willingness to roll up your sleeves to get the job done.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; Power Point; Microsoft Project; other office related software. Technical background and understanding of software development and web technologies is a plus.

Salary: $$$

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