Media Director

You are the brains behind all promotional and media efforts of a company, and when it comes to advertising campaigns, you are the BOSS.

Working closely with your clients allows you to identify their needs and turn them into creative concepts and iconic campaigns that catch the interest of their target market, and consequently, their money.

You are a strategic thinker who stays on top of current trends, events, and new media; capable of looking at the big picture, yet also focusing on the smallest details. This allows you to devise the tactical vision of all your marketing campaigns, while delegating what needs to get done – from design to implementation and analysis of results – to make that vision happen.

To ensure the company’s effective media presence and brand representation, some of your core responsibilities are preparing promotional campaigns to grow target audiences or support product launches; relationship-building with key influencers; managing digital media plans and budgets, and defining the best media mix for all advertising strategies to achieve maximum reach and engagement.

You may be employed either directly by a company, or work for an advertising agency, or a marketing consulting firm.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project, other office related software; leadership and time management skills. Working knowledge of analytics tools such as: GfK MRI, Moat and Nielsen IMS

Salary: $$$$

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