Media Buyer

You have the skills to negotiate the lowest rates possible for your client’s paid marketing efforts while achieving maximum exposure and engagement. To do this, you will select the most relevant channels for your target audiences at the best time of day, including ad spaces on TV, Radio, Online, and other media.

Keeping a strong network of relationships with local stations, national publications, and popular search engines will allow you to maximize the value of your investment by potentially achieving a greater reach with less amount of money spent.

Tracking media space and times available for purchase is also one of your main responsibilities, and you use your client’s budget wisely to reach their audience effectively.

You will collaborate closely with the marketing and media planning teams to understand the specific objectives and target audience preferences, and will track the ad conversions and performance.

In some agencies the Media Planner and Media Buyer position are combined, while in other companies they work closely together.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AdWords

Salary: $$$

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