Marketing Director

Every company across all industries need to promote their brand and products to stay in business. Thus, the role of Marketing Director is one of the most important in the structure of any organization.

There is no such thing as a typical day in the life of a Marketing Director, since you manage a wide array of instances, including the internal and external branding, marketing, and communications strategies of your organization. Ultimately, your end-goal are to increase the company’s market share, maximize sales, and outshine competitors.

You are primarily responsible for creating brand strategy and marketing plans; setting marketing goals for your team; identifying market segments, trends, buying personas and target demographics; directing the development of advertising campaigns; drafting marketing budgets and annual plans; monitoring the company’s online reputation; overseeing public relations; and studying the competition.

You will typically be employed by private sector companies, but you may also work for charities and public entities. At smaller companies, this is often a hands-on role where you may handle just about every aspect of the department.

The main difference between marketing managers and marketing directors is that the first one typically oversees the day-to-day of the department, while the latter has a greater focus on the big picture, creating the strategies for each product and market segment.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; Power Point; other office related software. Working experience: Google Analytics; PPC campaigns; data analysis related software.

Salary: $$$$

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