Marketing Manager

You are a bottom-line kind of person. Your goal is to ensure the company’s product or service is profitable and stands out among the competition.

Leading and influencing the way a brand looks and feels in the market is your domain, as well as finding new ways of generating revenue, always in line with your target market.

You develop and implement strategic marketing plans in conjunction with the ad agency that holds your company’s account, and you oversee the advertising campaigns they develop.

Evaluating market performance, consumer reactions, and competitor data informs your decisions about the campaign, such as making changes when necessary to achieve your objectives and capitalize on market share. You might request using different tactics, such as Guerilla Marketing, in order to achieve your goals and maximize ROI.

A creative mind and sharp business acumen are critical to succeed, as well a strong communication skills to motivate your team.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; PowerPoint; other office related software.

Salary: $$$

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