You have beautiful artistic vision, and can see works of art long before pencil touches paper. You thrive on setting a mood through color and composition. You are detail-oriented, and your technical ability rounds of your list of skills. Where you take your talent varies as greatly as the mediums you use including: pastels, pencil, pen, watercolor, acrylic, oils, or computer technology. Your illustrations are realistic or cartoon-like renderings of situations, stories, graphs, locations, moods and more. You work is marketable to newspapers, production studios, animation studios, ad agencies, publishing houses, and design firms.
Styles of Illustrations: *Realistic * Cartoon * Technical * Editorial * Medical


Realistic: Your drawings are as detailed as a photograph, but they have the uniqueness of a painting. Your subjects range from people and animals to architecture and commercial products.

Cartoon: You bring excitement, provoke thought, and induce laughter in many. As a comic illustrator, you might create TV or film cartoons; humorous or political comics for print media; drawings for greeting cards; or storyboards for advertising, film, animation or interactive media.

Technical: You are the illustrator to call when technical accuracy is needed. You might illustrate appliances, electronics, automobiles, aircrafts, technological/computer systems, manufacturing equipment, or any other mechanism where incredible detail is involved.

Editorial: You have an amazing ability to summarize a mood or point of view through the use of singular images. Your depictions are usually found on the covers of magazines, books, or as a lead into an article.

Medical: You use your extensive knowledge in anatomy, biology, and other sciences to create illustrations used in medical journals, scientific presentations, and anatomical teaching models.

Tools of the Trade: Freehand; Illustrator; InDesign; Photoshop; Quark.
Salary: $$ 1/2

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