Graphic Designer

Also known as “Visual Designer”, you’re a master of typography – possibly developing your own fonts.

You have an eagle eye for photography. You’re a wizard on all the latest design software, and your love affair with color and composition is never-ending.

Your role involves creating detailed work ranging from logos, POP/POS displays, CD covers, Book Covers, to an entire brand identity. You are also responsible for picking out paper, setting specs, and choosing suitable stock images.

You will transform branding strategies into visual concepts while working closely with the marketing team, the Art Director, content writers and web developers – to name a few.

The main difference between you and a digital designer is movement. Your creations are mostly static and don’t require any user experience design or interaction (logos, magazines, collateral, outdoor branding and other print materials).

Tools of the Trade: Illustrator; InDesign; Photoshop;

Salary: $$


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