Scaavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

There is something special about the well polished competitive spirit, especially when it strengthens the creative team and stimulates the mind. Here is an idea to enliven your office and even get your freelancers involved for some fun. Remember everyone loves prizes, from gift cards to privileges, to time off or notoriety so here’s this month’s idea, a good old-fashioned modernized scavenger hunt.

Firstly, decide how much time you’ll give your team to participate. It can be in the office, outdoors or at mall or restaurant involving spontaneity.

Decide whether it’s an individual activity of there will be groups.

Determine if it is a race for fastest or most creative (within a timeframe) or perhaps prizes for both.

Next choose the objects and describe them, very creatively. Otherwise simply request that photos be taken with certain objects for each letter of the alphabet, with no duplicates objects. For any out of town team members or people that cannot physically be there, you can either photograph the objects you are using and hide them in a complex picture so they can also participate or make it an online activity too.

List all the descriptions, whether it’s a photograph at a point of interest, or a time piece on a color of an object (remember things don’t have to be tangible…they can be a photographed collection of inventiveness.

Set a start time and an end time, and location to meet (and an online meetup code for the remote team members to participate in the grand finale).
Get ready for a great laugh! And watch how everyone interpreted your hints, clues and how monumentally exciting “hunting” is!

For more ideas on creative hunts, find various Scavenger Hunt ideas at this link :

We invite you to send us pictures of your office’s team participating and share a quick story of how it went and what your rules were and we’ll share on an updates post with next month’s newsletter. click here to share your pics

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