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Why Managers Should Look to Other Industries For Hiring Inspiration

The hiring process can become mundane and somewhat stagnant if you have been doing it for some time. While many managers have the desire to grow the business by hiring qualified candidates, they lack the inspiration to do so.

There are many companies out there that are making great strides with innovative ideas and some creativity in the hiring process. This is why managers who truly want to see progress in their business should look at other industries that are doing well for ideas.

Want to know how to make this work for your company? Keep reading to find out how.

What Is Hiring Like For Managers in This Post-Pandemic World?

The hiring process can be a daunting task for many managers who seek out the best candidates for the positions they have available. Even though the process of hiring is similar across industries, finding the right candidate is not always easy.

Although the hiring process was never an easy task, the recent pandemic has compounded the struggles of managers around the world. This is mostly because many people during the pandemic became complacent with working from home or not working at all.

Because of this, managers now have a more difficult time finding quality candidates to fill many of their prime positions within the company. The best candidates either already have a job or are trading their 9-5 for a more casual position where they can work from the comfort of their homes.

Looking for a more effective recruitment process that does not break the bank is one of the things that is on the mind of managers everywhere.

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Inspiration is key to snagging the right candidates for the job. 

Why Do Hiring Managers Need New Inspiration For Hiring Processes?

Since many people have sought out remote work opportunities after the pandemic, hiring managers have struggled to find candidates that not only fit the positions but that want to work hard. This is why managers need to find new ways to inspire themselves and others through the hiring process.

If there ever was a time to look for inspiration to make the hiring process not only easier but also more productive it is now. Although many workers went back to their jobs once they were able to do so, others did not. 

Even now, more and more people have left their jobs than any other time before. This is because the pandemic showed people that sometimes there are more important things than working 100 hours per week.

Despite all of this, there is still a need for managers to get the right people into the right positions. The question is, how do they go about doing that when many people are not inspired to go to work?

Where Can Managers Go For Hiring Inspiration?

Along with the advancement of technology and other areas, there has also been the need and expectation that managers think outside the box in many areas of the company. This is especially true for hiring managers since the task of finding candidates can be difficult.

For years, managers and other leaders have gone to the greats in business for advice on what they should be doing in their business. Hiring managers have done the same thing over the years by looking for ways to improve their processes to make them more efficient.

Here is a list of places managers can go for hiring inspiration:

  • Books of great business experts
  • Podcasts
  • Others within the same industry
  • Managers who are higher up the chain of command
  • Other industry leaders

While this list is not exhaustive, it gives the most common places you can go to find inspiration or advice when it comes to hiring. Keep in mind that these sources are general ideas and should be thought of and revised to fit your business for them to work.

Why Should Managers Look to Other Industries For Hiring Inspiration?

Most people have heard the phrase, “don’t reinvent the wheel,” but it is not often followed in terms of the business world. This is because most managers feel that they are responsible for coming up with innovative ideas that no one has heard of before.

When it comes to the hiring process, so many managers stick to the same guidelines and processes that have been done in the company for many years. Most people continue to do the same things over and over because they have always been done that way. 

With advances in technology and in the landscape of how work is done today, it is more vital than ever for managers to stay current with the latest trends. This is especially true for the recruiting and hiring processes.

Since the pandemic, while many people have chosen to go back to work in person, many others have decided to continue working from home. This means that many companies were left in the lurch and scrambling to find qualified candidates to fill the vacant shoes.

Although some businesses were able to pivot pretty quickly and create new innovative ways to bring in qualified candidates, others have not. It is typically much more comfortable to be held to the same standards and ideas.

Looking to other industries to inspire your hiring process may be just the innovation that you need at your company. This is because there are so many people out there that are doing things right, so why shouldn’t you learn from them?

Here are some of the most common reasons managers should look to other industries to inspire their hiring process:

  1. Innovative Ideas. 

When managers look at other companies and industries for inspiration, they typically find innovative ideas that they may not have thought of before. While the industries may be different in what they do,  there are still ways to incorporate the ideas into hiring processes.

  1. Potential to attract new qualified talent. 

With the innovative ideas for the hiring process, managers are better able to attract candidates that are highly qualified for the positions that they have. Adding new incentives and benefits that other industries offer can make the job more appealing.

  1. Brings the hiring process into the future. 

By finding out what other industries are doing, managers can create processes that mesh better with the more modern advances. This means that procedures can include many time-saving activities that other industries do well.

Since the future of jobs is always changing, finding new innovative ways to hire and recruit can go a long way to building a team that works well together.

  1. Opportunity to learn from leaders in other industries. 

In many businesses, managers tend to stick with mentors that are in the same industry. By reaching out to someone in another industry, they may be able to see and learn why certain things work. They can then bring them back with them to see if they can be adapted.

  1. Gives managers another avenue to form relationships with employees by getting them involved in the decision-making process.

Making the plan to consult with another industry about hiring procedures can turn into a learning opportunity and a way to pull the employees into the process. It may mean that only a select amount of people visit the other industry, but the visit can then be discussed during debrief meeting.

Why Are Managers Resistant to Consulting With Other Industries?

When it comes to consulting with other industries for hiring inspiration, many managers appear to be somewhat resistant even though it is a proven strategy. Many managers don’t follow this process for many reasons including the idea that they just did not think about it. 

In the case of many managers, the ego can be a very delicate thing that can get bruised and offended in certain situations. Because of this, managers may have a hard time going to someone else because they think they will be judged as unworthy and not good enough.

In other circumstances, managers may have been employees who worked hard for the company until they became managers than not so much. This is often because they believe that they have arrived at a certain position where they can tell others to do the work they should be doing.

Although the reasons many managers are reluctant to reach outside the industry help can vary, here are the most common ones:

  • They haven’t been told to do so.

Many who are in the position of manager, and especially hiring managers, believe that they should not feel free to do something that is outside of what the company mandates state. Doing this would be a disregard for the authority they work for. For them reaching out to another industry to help their hiring process may indicate that they are not doing a great job.

  • They are skeptical that it would be a fruitful adventure

Because most managers have always been told that the best way to learn about the business practices is to study other businesses like yours. Following the best practices of others in the same business has always been the norm. The skeptics are sure that they would be wasting their time by reaching out to someone who does not know their situation.

  • They answer to a higher authority.

Some managers have higher-up managers that they typically answer to daily concerning their specific area in the company. Those who are in charge of hiring typically feel they have the authority to only make hiring decisions but nothing outside of that. Reaching out to another leader in a different industry would not fit into what they feel they have the authority to do.

A plan is written on a clear glass pane.
Developing a detailed hiring process is key for hiring managers. 

How Can Managers Develop the Process of Looking to Other Industries For Inspiration?

Knowing that a change has to be made and making the change can be a tough task for many managers. One of the biggest challenges can be to get the powers that be to buy into what you are wanting to accomplish.

Experts say that there are certain things that you can do to ensure that you and your company are ready to take the hiring process to a higher level. These activities can provide a great starting point for your company and can go a long way to convincing your bosses that seeking out other industries is the right thing to do.

Here are a few steps managers can take to begin the process of finding inspiration through other industry leaders:

  • Put your idea on paper

You most likely have a better chance of getting your company and the other industry leader to cooperate with your plan if it appears as if you have put some thought into it. This means getting your ideas sorted out and preparing a presentation for the ones in charge.

Whether your company is large or small, you should have a strategy that will show a better recruiting and hiring process.

  • Put a team together

Included in your plan should be a stellar team that includes management and employees alike that have the common goal of seeking out new inspiring ideas to take the hiring process to the next level. You may even want to include the CEO of the company as part of the team that visits the other industry leaders so you have some buy-in from the top.

  • Give the team some direction

Within your plan of action should be a detailed explanation of what the role of each team member should be. Additionally, there should be an expectation of what the primary goal of the visit will be. For hiring managers, the focus should be on any hiring processes they use that you could pick up for your position.

  • Be prepared to present to the other industry company leaders.

Since this endeavor is not just about you and your company, you must be well prepared before you approach the leaders from the other industry company. Just because you have a clear vision and understanding of what you wish to accomplish, the other team may be more skeptical of the idea.

Ready to Reach Out to Other Industries For Hiring Inspiration?

Now that you know the benefits of reaching out to other industries to get inspiration for your hiring process, you should be able to implement your plan. Keep in mind that not everyone will be on board with your idea from the beginning.

If you take the time to come up with a stellar plan, then it is more likely that upper management and employees alike will get on board with your idea. With this plan in place, you will be well on your way to creating and designing a better hiring process for your company.

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