Ecommerce Marketing Manager

There’s no denying that ecommerce hasn’t just grown exponentially in the past few decades, but it has shifted how consumers approach shopping, and completely transformed the retail industry across the globe – from zero to hero.

As a major part of today’s world’s economy, more and more businesses are embracing this retail reality, and they need YOU to grow their ecommerce sites into successful and profitable business models.

About five years have passed since you first became an Ecommerce Specialist, and now you spearhead the team and initiatives that make your clients’ online transactions possible. Some of your responsibilities involve defining company objectives and developing savvy online marketing strategies to achieve them; ensuring all transactions align with laws, regulations, and company goals; tracking performance and making changes based on market research; and supervising all ecommerce vendor relationships.

To remain relevant in this ever-changing digital marketplace, not only you have a rock-hard understanding of online sales strategies and the different ecommerce platforms available; but you keep up to date on its latest changes and trends, making the necessary adjustments to your strategies.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, other office related software. PHP, HTML, ASP, .NET, JavaScript, SQL. Working experience with affiliate marketing, SEM & SEO, online campaign management, and market research and analysis

Salary: $$$

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