Digital Marketing Manager

You are the driving force to connect the constantly evolving digital advertising world with changing consumer habits and needs.

As the digital world evolves every day; text, images, video, audio, and social advertising continues to shape up the modern day consumer habits, constantly evolving to meet their (now) ever-changing needs.

With such a large volume of digital content readily available at anyone’s fingertips, companies are putting greater emphasis on quality over quantity – which is why they need you to generate the digital results that will ultimately drive significant growth.

The ultimate goal is for you to plan effective marketing campaigns for all available digital platforms that promote a brand, engage its audience, and drive profit. In the more detailed scheme of things, you are responsible for increasing traffic and conversions; track metrics and results; ensure all digital content is aligned with your strategies; master email and mobile marketing; communicate with clients; and supervise the team that makes it all happen.

You are an expert in SEO, with a solid understanding of tracking metrics and a natural ability for spotting patterns. Your data-driven mindset allows you to look at the big picture, yet also dig into the smallest details while questioning what you could be doing better. You understand others on a deep level and your strategic approach to marketing inspires you to create compelling campaigns with innovative tactics, ideas, channels, and ways of working. If all these skills come natural to you, congratulations! You are a natural-born Digital Marketing Manager.

Luckily for you, unlike offline marketing, everything in the digital world is measurable. Thus, with time, you will accrue a proven record of success and best practices that will potentially land you a promotion to a top executive position.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, other office related software. Expert in SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and PPC advertising. Solid understanding of performance marketing, web traffic metrics, content management and social media marketing tools

Salary: $$$

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