Scrum Master

What does rugby have to do with software development? Possibly, more than you think.

Adopting the idea from this popular sport, scrum is a widespread practice in agile software development that encourages a cross-functional team of product developers to create solutions, respond to change, and operate as a self-managed, cohesive unit towards a common goal.

Like in rugby, this methodology stresses the importance of teamwork, and involves frequent communication, truthful feedback to guide decisions, realistic objectives, and adaptive performance. When a team member is unable to perform, coworkers are expected to intervene and keep the project going until its successful completion.

In product development, Scrum is formed by three roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Scrum Development Team, and a simple way to understand each role is to think of it as a high-speed rail system.

  • The Scrum Development Team: Similar to a high-speed train, it accepts the direction and speed that it’s being operated to achieve.
  • The Product Owner: Similar to an operator, it steers the unit towards the desired direction, following the guidelines and regulations that will allow them to reach the final destination.
  • The Scrum Master: Similar to a maintenance engineer, it preserves the unit to its highest standards, and performs the necessary repairs to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers and crew.

As Scrum Master, you are the team’s coach and facilitator, responsible for helping them achieve their highest level of efficiency, motivation, quality of performance, and timeliness of delivery. You have a solid understanding of the big picture, which allows you to delegate tasks and deadlines, ensure that Scrum best practices are being carried out, and keep the project going till its successful completion.

You will work closely with the product owner to direct the team to the right goals, while handling all types of outside distractions and complications to keep them focus and performing their best.

The scrum methodology has become so omnipresent in the software development industry, that you may be required to hold a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) designation in order to be considered for this role.

Tools of the Trade: Scrum Poker Cards, Microsoft Word; Excel; Microsoft Project; Agile Project Management tools; other office and tracking related software.

Salary: $$$

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