Brand Strategist

As one of the key players of a marketing team, you are much more than just a reputation manager. Your work defines the brand’s foundation, tone, perception, and market appeal.

Your strategies and vision WILL make or break the success of a brand, which is why you need a mix of creative and analytical skills to thrive, including data-driven thinking, solid understanding of human psychology, avant-gardist vision to anticipate future trends and product success, and familiarity with statistics and research analysis – to name a few.

Your ultimate goal is to ensure that the brand’s tone, positioning, and perception are enhanced to its max, and remain consistent across all online and offline channels. To do so, you analyze current trends and market data; perform market and competitor research; evaluate consumer insights; create guidelines and marketing campaigns to promote the brand across various channels; identify strengths, weaknesses, new opportunities and challenges; and develop the brand’s social media strategy.

You will gather feedback from the sales team in order to analyze consumer behavior, and brief the creative team about the outcome of current marketing campaigns, suggesting changes if needed to improve the brand’s positioning and differentiation.

There’s no specific background required, but the most common degrees associated with this role come from business, psychology, design, arts, communications, economics, and data science.

Overall, Brand Strategists are significantly important when a brand is flourishing, and critically valuable during adverse times or downtime periods.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; Power Point; Microsoft Project; other office related software. Technical background and understanding of SEO, web development, graphic design and social media is a plus.

Salary: $$$

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