Brand Manager

Every brand (or product) has a unique identity, and you are the one in charge of developing and maintaining it, making sure its reputation is perceived in a positive light and resonates with current and potential customers as its popularity grows. 

To do this, you devise brand guidelines for all to follow, ensuring consistency throughout all marketing efforts, such as advertising, marketing campaigns, promotional activities, sponsorships, events and exhibitions, and corporate responsibility programs – to name a few.

You will supervise the product design and implementation process, retail packaging and in-store marketing efforts, as well the production of all print, web, broadcast, and email campaigns. 

The key for success is to determine your target audience and reach them effectively to increase brand awareness and market growth, by making sure that all lines of communication speak to them on an emotional level they can relate to. 


Working closely with advertising agencies, managing P&L’s, and continuously monitoring the latest trends, technologies, and competitive products is also part of the package; and you must have what it takes to set your brand apart through creative and innovative strategies.

On a personal level, you are results-oriented, part-analytical and part-creative, and able to establish and meet measurable goals.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; PowerPoint; other office related software. Working experience: Salesforce or other CRM software is a plus.

Salary: $$$$

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