An abundance of “bloggers” write personal, daily commentary online just to be heard. An Adverblogger’s work is more intentional. Your goal is to reach a client’s target market and create forums in which their thoughts about the product/service can be exchanged and analyzed. Communicating without any sales-pitch lingo or advertising jargon, you elicit raw, honest feedback from the client’s audience.

Your responsibilities include:
Searching through blogs to gather information about your client’s audience and the marketplace.
Reporting findings such as the audience’s thoughts about the client and its product/ service, what they what they would like to see in the marketplace, and links to trusted sources.
Posting (somewhat inquisitive) comments to blogs, so as to gather more information.
Writing blogs that speak to the audience about the marketplace and client.
You must be a natural born observer, and a compelling writer. Blogging experience is helpful, and knowledge of PodCasting and Video-Logging will take you to the next level.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; PowerPoint; other office related software

Salary: $$

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