You are a designated memory-keeper who captures moments that will live forever.

Spotting good opportunities with an artistic eye is your greatest natural ability, but your indomitable imagination is what allows you to picture all the elements coming together through the lens.

Operating a camera, adjusting its angles, shooting and editing, and controlling the light, are all a given; but you may also be involved in sound and film production, and even post-production.

Opportunities are virtually everywhere, which makes it an in-demand profession. Wherever film is needed, you will be, too. However, no matter the field, adaptability and quick thinking are crucial – particularly when you only have one chance to get it right.

Some scenarios may be weddings, conferences, live events, broadcast media, sports, education, entertainment, commercials, music, hospitality, advertising, and even war zones.

Your background will typically revolve around digital media, journalism, or communications, and you’ll need a sound understanding of visual composition, editing software, lighting and movement, white-balance levels, perspective, and post-production techniques.

Tools of the Trade: Adobe Premier & After Effects, Apple Final Cut. Working knowledge of camera, switching, and digital editing equipment, drone technology, microphones and lighting.

Salary: $$$

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