UX Researcher

You are the UX designer’s secret weapon.

Through data-driven insights and real user feedback, you’ll conceptualize your target user’s persona based on their needs, wants, behaviors, and motivations. These insights enable the UX designer to create user-centered websites, apps, and other pieces of technology that resonate with the audience and address their pain-points.

You will manage, conduct, and analyze user-centered research by listening, observing, and asking the right questions that can be then translated into functional solutions to enhance the product and further engage its users.

Observation, understanding, and analysis are your “three amigos” and your research can be done via face-to-face interviews, focus groups, user surveys, or usability testing.

You will collaborate across development, design, and marketing teams to evaluate current and upcoming research needs; as well as with UX designers, content writers, engineers, and product managers.

Your background may vary from marketing and psychology to information science. However, the key to succeed is to have an analytical mind and knowing how to read data and people.

Tools of the Trade: Mailchimp, UserZoom, Hotjar

Salary: $$ 1/2

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