Social Media Director

You are a top-notch communicator with a clever sense of humor and a never-ending infatuation for Social Media. An engaging storyteller who stays up-to-date on emerging trends and technologies; and enjoys interacting with an audience.

You wear many hats and no two days will ever be the same! As you speak for the brand, your role will involve marketing, sales, branding, crisis management, data analysis, reputation building and public relations – all wrapped up into one.

You know the different social media platforms like the back of your hand, and will actively connect with your audience through consistent messages that create a positive impact on the company’s image/reputation.

Your background can be that of a content creator or blogger, but what’s really important is that you’ve been previously exposed to the fields of marketing, content and product management.

While reporting to the head of communications or marketing.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Office, Adobe Suites, Multi-Social Media Management programs such as Hootsuite and HubSpot, general knowledge of SEO, Google Analytics, keyword research, and internet ranking for web content.

Salary: $$$$

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