Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Any business today needs a strong online presence to be successful. You help your clients expand their online presence, by putting them right where everyone can see and buy from them.

Using paid search methods (pay-per-click, paid inclusion, paid placement), you get your client’s site ranking high among top search engines – such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Your efforts increase click-through rates and better yet, conversion rates, ensuring more exposure for your clients.

You have an in-depth understanding of how search engines rank different pages, and know how to study website traffic patterns to get what you want – a desired number of conversions and ROI. Getting these results calls for a good deal of strategic planning and placement: measuring cost per lead, conducting tests and analysis, determining reasons for abandonment and rankings, and establishing partnerships with third parties to improve results.

Tools of the Trade: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Understanding of search engines. Good writing and grammar skills. Experience with bid management programs and SEM reporting tools. Project management skills. Good communication skills.

Salary: $$$

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