Public Relations Specialist

You are the client’s guardian angel of communication.

Protecting and promoting the good name of the company is your responsibility. You’ll shape its public perception by spreading and maintaining awareness about the client’s business endeavors, products, special events or promotions, acts of charity and goodwill and corporate responsibility, as well as combating negative reputation or events.

Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for this role, as you develop press releases, pitch stories, write backgrounders and fact sheets, respond to requests from the media, secure product placements, draft speeches for top executives, coordinate press junkets and interviews, and build strong relationships with the media.

You will handle all types of communication with the public, including existing and potential consumers, investors, and reporters – to name a few; always ensuring that all marketing efforts are aligned with the company’s public relations guidelines.

As a successful multi-tasker, you are able to manage several events at the same time, using your problem-solving skills to come up with ways to handle sensitive issues effectively while employing your top-notch writing talent to convey the right messages.

Your background revolves around public relations, communications, journalism, business or English. You may work for a wide variety of fields and industries, including advertising agencies, public relations firms, educational institutions, private companies, or governments (where you might also be called “press secretary”).

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, other office related software

Salary: $$1/2

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