Photo Retoucher

Digital photography and imaging is your playground. You will add the final touches to a photographer’s raw material to make his/her vision a reality.

Typically, you can work with all sorts of photographers and specialties; as long the combination of your artistic eye, attention to detail, and digital editing knowledge convey a final product that presents your client’s project in the best light possible.

Using advanced image-editing software you’ll alter a photography to improve its appearance, enhance its resolution and composition; adjust its tone, color, size, saturation or brightness; add or remove objects or text, sharpen or blur, and hide blemishes – to name a few.

Your background revolves around advertising, arts, or photography; and you are likely to work with photographers, fashion magazines, commercial studios, advertising agencies, graphic design firms, as a freelancer, or even own your own studio.

Tools of the Trade: Adobe Suite, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop with a ton of plugins.

Salary: $$ 1/2

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