Marketing Analyst

In today’s digital world, technology and information has unarguably shaped up the behaviors and purchasing decisions of our modern-day society.

With such a large volume of information out there, companies across all industries realize the value of a data-driven business strategy – and that is where you come in.

You are responsible for researching, collecting, filtering out, and analyzing the right data; and translate it for your clients into new ways to strengthen their brand, acquire new clients, create more engaging customer experiences, and overall, help them make the best business decisions.

By following strict quality control measures (into the endless flow of data available), companies rely on you to study the market conditions and communicate your findings to help guiding them on how to drive strategy and assess the potential of new business opportunities.

Some of your main responsibilities are to research consumer behavior, gathering competitor data, exploring market trends and opportunities, forecasting and monitoring sales trends, tracking advertising costs, preparing reports for management, and helping your clients to spend their marketing budget efficiently.

Your curiosity leads you to dig deeper into the data collected while questioning your findings to get a larger-picture perspective; and your prioritization skills help you identify the most relevant pieces of data to spot patterns and trends.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; Excel; Power Point; other office related software. Working experience: Google Analytics; SEM campaign strategies; SEO practices; PPC campaigns; data analysis related software.

Salary: $$$

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