Share All Year

With the holiday hustle and bustle almost over, we can take that spirit of helping one another by saving a little all year round…

If you don’t already have one in place, it is a good time to start a physical coupon board or basket, near on office stopping spot (i.e. the water dispenser, fridge, or printer). Virtually, you can also create a shared Coupon Folder, to post links to discounts of gift ideas, restaurant discounts and overall saving.

If your office enjoys creative competition for incentive, perhaps there can be a reward for the co-worker that helped the office save the most money. Create a thank you board or coupon tree, where you thank the person who shared the coupon you use and by the time our next newsletter comes out, check to see who was thanked the most! Honor them with a token of coworker appreciation, whatever works best in your office place.

Happy Holidays!

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