Debate Fun

For the Sake of Debate

With the thick undercurrent and endless political rhetoric these days, perhaps it’s time to clear the air and have some expressive creative fun to get the juices flowing. Get your group together. Here’s the idea.

Items to Gather:
Each person grabs 2 completely subjective items: colors, pictures, bracelets, random things in your pocket or in your desk drawer etc.
A bag or box to place all the items in
A pencil or pen, for spinning on the tabletop

Determine an object as a talking stick which will be passed back and forth like a baton (a ball can be tossed as well)

Find a table.

Contestants are organized in alphabetical order or chronological order by birthday, starting with the first birthday coming up. Each contestant will begin a round. If there are too many people for each to begin a round, then determine how many rounds you will play. Place everyone’s name in a container and select corresponding number of names.

How to Play:
Selected person will blindly reach into the bag of items and pull out two items. They then place them on opposite sides of the table. At the center of the table, where items are placed directly across from each other, is what is to be considered the podium or speaking spot. People are to go to the side of the item they personally like more. (If everyone is on the same side, then everyone with a first name that begins with letters A-M goes to the other side). The person who pulled out the item then chooses a side and spins the spinner. The side the spinner points to is the defense. The defensive team passes the talking stick to whomever they choose on the offensive team and immediate play begins. The person with the talking stick verbally attacks the item and passes the talking stick back to a member of the defensive team. The recipient on the defensive team in turn must verbally defend it, relative to the opposing object.

One person at a time, (in continuous rotation if the other team has more people) speaker passes the talking stick to a randomly chosen member of the opponent’s team. If you have a ball it can be tossed toward next speaker. Each person uses original ideas. The purpose is rapid fire quick-wittedness. The players who have already participated in that round are to move out of the way, so the speaker knows who still needs to participate in that round. The team with fewer members shall rotate continuously, also moving to a certain side after participating.

Each round goes on until there is a 3 second stutter or a lag in someone’s ability to directly respond or becomes speechless. In each round, the defending team speaker must smile and the opponent speaker must remain frowningly serious. Inability to maintain the “game face” also looses that round.

For example: Defense Item: Silver Ring [Members must smile] Offensive Item: Sneaker [Members must be serious]
[talking stick recipient] Offense Team Member 1: “There is no useful purpose to your item whereas ours is used to facilitate running faster.” [pass talking stick]
[talking stick recipient] Defensive Team Member 1: “Rings bear sentimental value and beauty. Sneakers are hideous.” [pass talking stick]
[talking stick recipient] Offense Team Member 2: “Silver is not as sought after as gold.” [pass talking stick]
[talking stick recipient] Defensive Team Member 2: “Silver is much more valuable than rubber.” [pass talking stick]

Point System:
If you are on the winning team, you get a point. Points are either paper clips or thumb tacks or pennies (any readily available office supply item) and are distributed after each round. Winner has most points at end of round. Tie breaker is determined by a round of Paper, Rock, Scissors.

Have fun!

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