IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE It takes creative talent to recognize creative talent. A good school and employment tenure is icing on the cake, but it's a good portfolio review and testing that makes it easy to guarantee our placements 100% * We have a full-time placement retention rate more than 3 times the industry standard. MORE

We Are Creatives Finding Creatives

If you’re looking for creative talent, you really need to have a creative background. The eye for design, typography, layout and knowing the design or creative process is key. Coming from a good school may be icing on the cake, but the portfolio is what gets a creative to be interviewed by our expert team.

National Reach

Sometimes the best talent isn’t local. icreatives has a national reach to many cities across the country. Some talent may may be tired of the hustle and bustle of a major city, and others are yearning for it. Wherever your company is located, chances are we will find the perfect match not only in talent, but in your company’s culture.

Let’s talk

Let us get to know your company’s brand and help us understand exactly what you are looking for… we will make sure our candidates have the correct skill set.

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