Digital Content Manager

If the company’s website was a star, you’d be its talent agent!

Like celebrities, some sites require more handholding than others. You maintain the site’s assets, keep information updated, edit existing content, create new content when necessary, and analyze how the site is used – thereby increasing site traffic through search engine optimization.

Your main goal is to improve the site in every way possible so it becomes a greater performer while tracking data about the users behavior and using analytics to define the company’s marketing efforts.

You will collaborate closely with the marketing and production team, as well as product managers and content writers.

Your background revolves around the fields of content creation, editing, communications or marketing. Knowledge of copyright law will take you far and is often required for this position.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word; other office related software. Knowledge of, “Web’s Best Principles and Practices” and Copyright Law are a plus. HTML; CMS; Basic Photoshop and InDesign.

Salary: $$$

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