Commercial Ethnographer

When a company needs a more detailed view of how consumers use their product – perhaps it is underperforming, sales are continuously dropping, or a new launch hasn’t been as successful as it was anticipated – they call you.

Through direct observation, targeted interviews and informal conversations, you evaluate how consumers act in their personal environments and decipher their true behaviors, motivators, ways in which they use your products, and reasons why.

Your insights allow the company to identify unmet customer needs, reshape marketing strategies, and even develop new products.

Listening and observing are skills that come natural to you; however, your insights into human behavior are what really matter.

A background in anthropology or sociology makes you the ideal person to send out in “the field” – consumers’ homes, retail locations, restaurants, or other natural settings. You delve deep into customers’ lives and understand their emotional interactions and involvement with the products and brands they use.

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, other office related software

Salary: $$$

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