July 2021

Three people jump in the air in a snowy field.

Rethink Decision-Making for Organizational Agility

Slow decision-making prevents businesses from responding to market shifts, catastrophes, and opportunities alike. Improving organizational agility is intimidating for some managers and risk-averse business owners because it appears at first glance to abandon safety measures in favor of run-and-gun tactics. But the opposite is the case. Retooling the decision-making process...

June 2021

A woman wearing sunglasses and a yellow backpack walks outside.

2021 Global Marketing & Branding Guide

Companies have never been more interconnected thanks to software and other technology that makes long-distance communication easier. Many businesses have been launched into transnational and international markets as a result, meriting a complete overhaul of their existing marketing and branding strategies. A global marketing and branding strategy must take into...