June 2021

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2021 Global Marketing & Branding Guide

Companies have never been more interconnected thanks to software and other technology that makes long-distance communication easier. Many businesses have been launched into transnational and international markets as a result, meriting a complete overhaul of their existing marketing and branding strategies. A global marketing and branding strategy must take into...

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7 Types of Organizational Structures

A top-down hierarchical org structure is the most common way businesses are organized, but that’s far from the only shape a company can take. Although vertical tiers are probably most familiar and provide a very well-defined chain of command, other structural shapes have their own advantages that may be...

Someone holds a sticky note that says “blockchain” on it.

The Creative’s Guide to Blockchain

Although it was first described as early as 1991, blockchain wasn’t implemented until the cryptocurrency bitcoin was launched in 2009. The goal of bitcoin is to record and distribute information securely across a computer network, or ‘chain’. Once information is added to the chain, it is very difficult to...

A small business.

Staffing Strategy for Small Businesses

Small businesses feel the effects of bad staffing strategies more than larger corporations. Although the hiring budget may be smaller, bad hires or missed opportunities have an outsized impact because the staff is smaller. It’s never too late to begin implementing a more thoughtful long-term staffing strategy. If you plan...

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What is Behavioral Marketing?

Tailoring promotional materials to receptive audiences has been a goal of marketing from its inception. With the amount of user data continually rising, companies have more opportunities than ever before to create ads that suit unique market segments. Behavioral marketing is about gathering user information to better identify who is...

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Stakeholder Theory: 101

Too many organizations, managers, and strategists have a narrow focus on generating profit for the benefit of whoever owns the company. Stakeholder theory aims to correct this tunnel vision by taking into account other parties affected in the course of business such as communities, customers, employees, investors, and suppliers. A...

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