May 2021

April 2021

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What is Omnichannel Experience Design?

How can UX designers ensure the user has a seamless, uniform experience? The answer lies in omnichannel marketing. Not only are more and more people visiting websites and using apps on mobile devices and wearable tech these days, but they’re also combining traditional channels like telephone and brick-and-mortar shops with...

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Employee Benefits Guide for Creatives

Employee benefits extend far beyond just health insurance and paid time off. Some of these benefits are required by law while others vary from company to company. Generally speaking, benefits are given to full-time staff members and not to freelancers, part-time employees, or independent contractors. What employee benefits can creatives...

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The Future of Freelancing in 2021

Like many industries, creatives currently find themselves in the midst of the Freelance Revolution. In addition to new technology that allows independent agents to take on work they couldn’t have handled before, businesses are using staffing strategies called flexible blended workforces that are driving up the demand for freelance...

A woman helps a young graduate girl put on her cap and gown.

Higher Ed and the Creative Job Market

The decision to pursue higher education shouldn’t be taken lightly. In many countries, it’s a huge financial commitment. Many creative people who are aiming for careers in design or programming may wonder whether such a commitment is necessary for the jobs they want. There’s no easy answer to this question....

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