Back-End Developer

The back-end of a website is the server-side script encoded on its hindquarters, which – even though users never get to interact with– it is continuously running in the background, just like you.

Fundamentally, you are the behind-the-scenes operator of a website, capable of mastering a combination of technology and programming like a boss.

Responsible for developing, coding, maintaining, testing, debugging, troubleshooting, and integrating the technology that gives life to the user-facing side of a website (front-end); you are an authority on user authentication, servers-side logic, database integration, management of hosting environment, data migration, and other processes that create a functional experience for the end-user.

As a key player in the IT team, your background will typically relate to Computer Science; and you’ll collaborate closely with front-end developers, designers, and system administrators.

You have excellent programming skills, solid understanding of web development, and a passion for innovation. Your curious nature keeps you up to date with best practices, new technologies, and emerging trends; while your critical thinking makes you logical, introspective, methodical, and inquisitive.

Tools of the Trade: Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Git, .NET, CMS framework, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS (LESS and SASS), CSS3, MySQL, Oracle, SQL, and OWASP security principles.

Salary: $$$ 1/2

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