Broadcast Production Manager/ Producer

Whether shooting a commercial or video, or recording a radio spot, you are the mover and shaker. Forming close bonds with the director, production crew, and the agency’s creative team, you ensure the shoot or recording stays true to the idea and script.

It’s up to you to stay on budget and schedule from beginning to end.

You call the shots when it comes to allocating a budget and resources to each execution, choosing locations, setting the shooting schedule, arranging the recording session, or getting shooting permits for on-location scenes when necessary.

You might work on commercials, marketing or digital videos, within an ad agency or a production studio.

You can do it within an ad agency or at a production studio.

Tools of the Trade: Avid; Final Cut Pro; Pro Tools; knowledge of audio, video, mixers, and recording devices. Excellent time management skills required.

Salary: $$$$

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